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Mualaf Center Darussalam Organize events a daurah in Cianjur

As part of an effort to strengthen faith for converts to Islam, Mualaf Center Darussalam (MCD) on Saturday to Sunday (12-13 August 2017) held a dauroh event for converts. Nearly a hundred converts are attending a dauroh event held at Yasmin resort & conference hotel, Cianjur.

Converts daurah committee chairman, Hanny Kristianto explained that the purpose of this activity in addition to solidified Islamic converts, as well as to establish brotherhood Islamiyah among the converts.

"The purpose of this converts daurah event is to strengthen the understanding of Islam converts, providing training, taarof fellow converts so that between them can be established brotherhood Islamiyah stronger," explained the man who familiarly called Koh Hanny's.

According to him, the converts today can not be removed just after they say two sentences of shahadah. There must be coaching them to be istiqomah with their new religion. And the big target, the converts can propagate Islam to their own families.

"We hope that with this form of guidance, they (the converts) can preach Islam in their attitude, verbal and deeds in their own family," Koh Hanny said.

On the same occasion, chairman of the mosque committee Darussalam Kota Wisata Cibubur converts Center that houses Darussalam (MCD), the father of Zahrul Anwar stressed that the mosque strongly supports the events held by the MCD.

"Converts Center Darussalam is one of the divisions that exist in our mosques and mosque officials Darussalam fully supports MCD events in the coaching of converts," said the man whose hobby in this shooting sports.

Activity daurah converts that lasted for two days, filled with various activities in the form of religious lectures, games, until motivational delivered by Ustadz Ali Hasan Bawazier, SPDI, Ustadz Abdul Azis, SPDI (al-hafidz) and Ustadzah Defani Herbiana Arima ( Al-hafidz).

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