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Prisoners Rampage in Jelengkong Prison

Jelekong Narcotics Prison in Jl. Baleendah Sub-district, Bandung Regency was chaotic last night (Wednesday, 23/8) around 21.00 WIB.

Jelekong Narcotics Prison Chief Suprapto said that the incident started from one of the prisoners named Dadan alias Ceplok raging in prison.

"This prisoner was initially known to make a provocation because of a hangover," said Kalapas Suprapto, Thursday (8/24) morning.

Suprapto added that there was no entertainment activity in the prisons during the afternoon.

"We are still checking about the entry of alcohol into this prison," he explained as reported by RMOLJabar.Com.

Dadan had pointed a dagger to a warden named Hermansyah.

"The warden tried to intervene but ended up bickering, so the other prisoners were provoked and there was a commotion," he explained.

With overnight incidents, prisons will improve security.

Kalapas confirmed, still looking for evidence in the form of alcohol that makes Dadan drunk in prison.

"For the evidence is not found, just smell it.After this incident, the security will be more tightened again," he said.

The situation in prisons itself gradually conducive until 02.00 pm Thursday morning.

"Strict guarding is done until Thursday morning morning at 03.00 pm," he concluded.

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