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Rich Widow in Semarang Fooled by Fake Police

A rich widow from Semarang, Central Java initials N claimed to have been deceived by Police Criminal Unit Kediri AKP M. Aldy Sulaeman. The victim felt cheated until the money disappeared by Rp 400 million.

This fraud case is recognized by AKP Reskrim Police AKP M. Aldy Sulaeman. However, he denies as the culprit. Because, fraudsters use fake facebook account on his behalf.

"A few days ago there were mothers coming to Kediri Police Station, Suddenly he was angry and wanted to take my two children I was surprised why he wanted to take my child Then I asked who is this mother I. He said he has long known through facebook.While I do not have a facebook account, "said M. Aldy Sulaeman, Thursday (3/7/2017).

To visible Reskrim, the victim confessed, know the name Aldy Sulaeman through facebook. Where, the fake account, in addition to using the name of M. Aldy Sulaeman, also put a picture of the former Rector Admiral Tanjung Perak Surabaya Police it.

To the victim, Aldy falsely confessed, his status as a widower and will surrender his two children to take care of the victim.

"They gradually communicate, and during that time, the victim transferred the money to the false Aldy, if totaled Rp 400 million," said Aldy Sulaeman.

The incident happened to N, Criminal Reskrim promised to investigate and catch the culprit. It is tracking the owner of the fake account and the transaction system of money from the victim to the perpetrator.

"Pray we can catch the perpetrators immediately, we have guidance on the identity of the perpetrators, we also urge other people who feel victimized to report immediately," said Aldy.

Based on the search results on facebook social networking, there are at least six accounts named M. Aldy Sulaeman. These accounts by Aldy are fake accounts. Because he did not have an account on facebook.

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