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Rizal Ramli: Indonesia Can not Go Back To The Old Regime!

BaliNews |  The effort to stop fish theft by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) under Susi Pudjiastuti with the support of the Navy (AL) provides many benefits. Among other things, traditional Indonesian fishermen catch so much.

As stated by former Minister of Maritime Coordinator and Natural Resources, Rizal Ramli in his speech at the Indonesia Intellectual Forum in Netherlands (IIFN 2017) at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, Netherlands, on Thursday (26/8) then.

"Indeed, some of the steps taken controversial. But sometimes if we want to make changes, shock therapy and controversial it is necessary. Then we fix the system. Because without shock therapy, without action controversy, so business as usual," says Rizal.

Rizal told, a few months ago when visiting Sibolga, it was revealed the fishermen there got 200 tons per day, but now their catch could reach 400 tons per day. This is also happening in other areas throughout Indonesia.

Not much different from the story of fishermen in Belawan, North Sumatra. Usually they have to sail three hours to find new fish. Now only one hour can go home faster with many fish catches.

"So for traditional fishermen, government policies that fight illegal fishing greatly help their lives," explained Rizal.

Rizal reminded, for decades of natural resources and the sea of ​​Indonesia stolen foreigners. They use foreign ships that number more than 7 thousand units. Indonesia harmed about 20 billion US dollars per year. But since Minister Susi was assisted by the Navy to stop this massive theft by capturing and drowning their ships, the catch of traditional fishermen became more. Despite admitting there is a lack of capacity. The potential for sustainable catch fish is about 7.5 million tons or more.

There are some who consider how to capture and sink foreign ships is not true. They argued that they had to go back to the old regime, the big investors and many more foreign ships were allowed in to catch fish in the Indonesian seas.

"When our cabinet meeting once reiterated that we should not go back to the old regime, thank God, the President agrees that with the policy of fighting illegal fishing there is a lack of capacity, yes, but that does not mean we have to go back to the old regime just to take advantage of the capacity of fish We are abundant, "Rizal stressed.

Rizal argues, it is very unreasonable to see some neighboring countries with little sea but can become the world's second and fifth largest fish exporter. While Indonesia has a very broad sea, to be satisfied in the position of a dozen.

"If we do not steal our fish, we can be number two or number 3. Hopefully not too long our fish export products will achieve that goal," he hoped.

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