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Said Aqil: Full Day School Generate Radical Generation

General Chairman of the Nahdlatul Ulama Said Aqil Siradj, said he was worried about the plan of full day school policy for five days in a week. Said rejects this plan and still carries the concept of education ala boarding schools should be maintained.

According to him, the system of full day school will not be able to build the character of a child like that of a pesantren. During this time, pesantren is also taught a number of general knowledge as taught in schools. In pesantren taught morals, respecting parents, respecting kiai, tolerance, solidarity, and mutual cooperation.

"Full day school is just the opposite. Does not form a character because the child can not study. The time is only for school, "said Said Aqil at PBNU Office, Jakarta, Thursday 10 August 2017 night.

Said Aqil worried, the erosion of values ​​taught by pesantren due to the application of FDS will have a major impact. The reason is because without the pattern of pesantren education then radical ideological propaganda will not be there that stem.

"Because full day school came home late afternoon, the children did not know morals. So I guarantee there will be a radical generation, "said Said.

Not only that, Said Aqil even outlines other advantages of the pesantren-style education, which also teaches how to process thought, problem, and objective thinking so that its graduates do not become easily instigated.

"Students are also educated to analyze problems, think logically, objectively, not arbitrarily, so it is not easy to follow the emotions," he continued.

If the implementation of full day school, considered radical understandings will grow. One of the antidote factors is that pesantren world has been eroded by the implementation of the regulation.

"How pesantren have managed to build the character of the nation. NU is not responsible if there are radical children, "said Said. (Sp / MCA)

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