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Singapore Appreciates the Development of Muhammadiyah in the Field of Education

Chairman of Muhammadiyah Central Executive, Haedar Nasir, attended a breakfast invitation from Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean in Jakarta on Saturday (12/8).

Haedar who attended with Abdul Mu'ti, General Secretary of PP Muhammadiyah and Chairman of International Relations of PP Muhammadiyah was greeted directly by Deputy Prime Minister along with Minister of Social and Family Development, Chairman of Commission I of Parliament and Ambassador of Singapore to Indonesia.

The morning meal and dialogue went very closely and discussed about cooperation in education, health, social and current issues on democracy, pluralism and redicalism. The Singapore government has the same views as Muhammadiyah to build prosperity for its people.

"The Singapore government is giving a very high appreciation for Muhammadiyah who seeks to build the Society through Education to abroad like the example in Melbourne" said Teo Chee Hean.

As known since the establishment of Muhammadiyah has been focusing itself in the field of education and until now continue to cooperate with various parties in its development. Not only in education but also in health, economics and other aspects in the effort to prosper society.

Teo Chee Hean also sees education as very important in tackling religious radicalism both globally and regionally. The Government of Singapore and PP Muhammadiyah agreed to increase future cooperation especially in the field of human resource development.

Source: muhammadiyah.or.id

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