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The Bali Singapadu Mask Exhibition is More Attractive

Singapadu is not only famous for performing arts, but also has mask art, as a craft that is preserved from time to time. Many masks are born from this area.

Like Cokorda Agung Api, the inspired Singaporean masked pioneer makes Barong Ket from the sunlight.

"His story is poured in dance creations" Barong Api "with a duration of about 12 minutes," said Prof. Dr. I Made Bandem, MA. While attending a retrospective mask show at Ketewel, Sukawati, Sunday (6/8) night.

While the representative of the Association of Artists of Singapadu Village, Made Supena, said the exhibition or exhibition is arguably a retrospective effort.

"So far, Singapadu Village is famous for its performing arts, but the art of mask is much older in its existence in Singapadu," he said.

Through this mask exhibition can be seen the gait of the artists in the early days to the present. It is said in this exhibition also build a lot of mask art.

"This is not easy, but the mask is the cultural asset of Singapadu Village, because it continues to strive for us to remain the identity Singapadu," said Supena.

Various tapels, either shaped mask barong (Bebarongan) or mask dramatari (Patopengan) on display. In addition to classical masks, there are also works by a number of young artists in the form of modern and contemporary masks, with Prof. curators. Dr. I Made Bandem, MA. And Prof. Dr. I Wayan Dibia, SST, MA.

This mask exhibition event was visited by many tourists from abroad (*)

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