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Ahead of hari raya Galungan, refugees return home

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Galungan stay a few more days. Hindus in Bali generally begin to prepare everything to welcome the dharma's victory day against the adharma.

The atmosphere is somewhat different ahead Galungan felt the Balinese at the refugee camp.

Ni Wayan Munti (40) is a refugee of Mount Agung from Sebudi Village, Selat, Karangasem, Bali.

Because his house is in the danger zone of Mount Agung eruption, since more than a month ago Munti and his family have to stay in the evacuation location.

However, the condition did not dampen his intention to return home to celebrate the Galungan holiday.

Friday (27/10/2017) morning Ni Wayan Munti seen kneeling on the floor GOR Swecapura, Gelgel, Klungkung.

His gaze continued to focus on the bundle of leaf he was holding.

Munti a few days ago forced himself to return to his hometown in Sebudi Village, Selat District, to look for a leaf that he will use to make upakara means.

For him, maturan and do praying with family in the hometown during the feast Galungan is a must do.

Not only Ni Wayan Munti who plans to carry out Galungan in his hometown.

The other refugees from Sebudi Village are also planning to do so.

"I might be afraid and worried. But because the others are also planning to come back, I became brave to go home, "he explained.

Although returning home to celebrate Galungan holidays, but Ni Wayan Munti will not settle if Mount Agung is still a status Caution.

He planned only 2 days in his hometown, and returned to the evacuation right on Hari Raya Galungan.

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