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Black Carpet Splits Teak Forests Wanawali

BaliNews | 
People from Wanawali Village play an active role in participating in the 100th TMMD. They hope that the road in the cast will be completed soon, the long road that was once muddy that can only pass the buffalo or boar, but now like a black carpet that spread split teak forests with roads that are cast like a road in the city.

"This real benefit of TMMD 100 can instantly open road access and economy so smoothly, this time we together with Task Force TMMD participate in assisting Stone rocking, hoarding and trenching on the left side of the road with Task Force TMMD 100," said Subarna, Wanawali residents , today.

According to him, the 100th TMMD implemented by Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta with the target of building a road access along the 7.2 KM with a width of 5 M is in the implementation involving members of the TNI and the community, where in the implementation between members of the TNI and the community mutual cooperation.

"In the implementation of course will produce a good road connecting two sub-districts between Cibatu and Kiarapedes sub-districts but also generate good and harmonious relationships between members of the TNI and the layers of society as we often hear the people's army and for the people," he said.

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