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Coordination between Tasks in TMMD Solid

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The territorial unit of Kodim 0619 Purwakarta in daily task has a field drive commonly known as Babinsa. The existence of Babinsa is located in every village and always make coordination and direct communication with the community in the field.

In addition to Babinsa located in each village, the field is always in coordination with the same Babinkamtibmas reside in each village. Babinkamtibmas is the spearhead of Purwakarta Police Unit in each Village, so in working both always work together to support the main task.

"In the field we always make coordination and direct communication with the citizens for the achievement of basic tasks," said Serma Dede, today.

Of course, always in the village and always do coordination is expected to be a driver for citizens in all activities, including one of the implementation of TMMD program.

"By always being in the field and communicating, so to move the community in support of TMMD program there is no problem," he said. (R-013)

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