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Health Office Down to 100th TMMD Location

BaliNews | 
Alternately from each Community Service Intansi down to the schedule in TMMD 100 activities, for example today from Health Department of Purwakarta Regency come directly to place that still done Road Infrastructure.

This activity is carried out to provide free treatment both to the community and to the TMMD Task Force.

On the other hand, the social activities conducted by Health Office of Purwakarta Regency is one of the non physical targets in the form of counseling and free treatment to the community around the location of TMMD 100.

"In addition to the infrastructure activities carried out by members of the TNI, we also conduct free medical treatment and health socialization at health posts, both for members of TNI who implement TMMD as well as communities around TMMD locations," explained Lukman, Health Officer of DHO Purwakarta. (HD)

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