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Legian Beach Festival 2017

BaliNews | Bali with its charm of beauty and various interesting events never stop flirting with tourists. Every area in Bali has an amazing magnet.

Not to forget the famous Legian Beach with the beauty of the beach and waves that become a favorite of tourists and surfers.

For those of you who want to enjoy more beauty Legian beach, prepare yourself. Spend time starting 11 to 15 October, because it will be held "Legian Beach Festival 2017" which will take place at Padma Beach Legian Bali.

Various interesting events will be presented. From fun bike rides, fashion shows, food festivals, wood ball cups, barongs and dances as well as free surfing practice.

Deputy of Tourism Development and Marketing of Nusantara Ministry of Tourism, Esthy Reko Astuti said, Legian Beach area is very beautiful with white sand and the waves are challenging for surfing activities. No doubt many tourists who make Legian Beach as one of the mandatory destinations while visiting Bali.

Legian Beach has always been a favorite of tourists to enjoy the warmth of the sun while doing leisure activities on the beach.

"So for tourists who want to enjoy further Legian Beach should not miss this festival," said Esthy Reko Astuti, accompanied by Head of Tourism Cultural Promotion, Wawan Gunawan. (R)

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