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Officer Disdukcapil Denpasar Visit the Elderly

BaliNews |
Until now there are still tens of thousands of residents in Denpasar who have not been recorded in e-ID card. Precisely, there are about 76 thousand people who have not recorded data according to the Office of Population and Civil Registration (Disdukcapil) Denpasar.

Head of Denpasar Disdukcapil I Made Maja Winaya, Sunday (29/10) said, to record data tens of thousands of residents, it implements the pattern of pick up the ball. Because, the end of this year all residents have to be recorded data for printing E-ID card.

"Target now in 2017 is all citizens who are required to ID cards are all recorded data. So we have to make a breakthrough so that people want to do data recording, "said the former Vice Director of Wangaya Hospital.

He said, pick up the ball is done primarily for residents in sick and elderly conditions. They can not come to the Civil Registry Office, so they must be officers who come to their homes.

Disdukcapil has made several ball picks, as in Br. Wangaya Klod, Dauh Puri Kaja Village. Pick up the ball is done because the condition of people who can not come to the office and has never done recording.

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