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Renewal of Rutilahu Program in Mekarjaya

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Program Kodim 0619 Purwakarta in the end of fiscal year 2017 more incentive to do the development of isolated areas, which of course it can be realized with the cooperation with local government Purwakarta District.

The 100th TMMD Program conducted by Kodim 0619 Purwakarta is not only opening roads, but up to road casting, drainage making and doing house habitation unfit for habitation (Rutilahu).

Entering the 11th day of the 100th Task Force TMMD team has been working on Rutilahu as much as 2 units and in the near future will be working on the third rutilahu improvement, as disclosed Dan SSK TMMD 100 Captain Arm Wahyu Widodo on the sidelines of checking Hendrik House in Mekarjaya Village, Kiarapedes Subdistrict, which is planned to be the 3rd target of improving Rutilahu.

All work undertaken in the program aims to increase the living standard of Purwakarta and regional development of Purwakarta. (R-013)

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