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Rote Open 2017 Surf Competition Followed by 35 Participants

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Commander of Lanal P. Rote Sea Lieutenant Colon (P) Lukman Karist. S.T present at the opening of the Rote Open Surfing Competition 2017 at Bo'a Beach, West Rote district, Rote Ndao was officially opened by Rote Ndao representative Jonas C Lun, representing Rote Ndao Regent Leonard Haning, on Thursday (26/10).

Vice Regent of Rote Ndao Jonas C Lun said, the charm and uniqueness of Bo'a Beach become the locomotive for other attractions in Rote Ndao, in addition to encourage sports surfing, the event that has been held regularly is also a means of tourism promotion district Rote Ndao .

This potential must continue to be developed, the tourism sector needs to get serious attention. These activities need to be encouraged, both locally, nationally and internationally.

The Rote Open surfing competition 2017 was held for three days, from 26 to 28 October 2017 and followed by 35 participants. This activity is a collaboration between the Government of Rote Ndao District, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) through the Department of Culture and Tourism in cooperation with PT Swara Gangsing.

Also present at the opening ceremony of Rote Ndao Jonas C Lun at the opening of the 'Surfing Rote Open 2017' competition was Assistant II of NTT Provincial Secretary, Alexander Sena while representing NTT Governor Drs Frans Lebu Raya, sub-district heads, Forkopimda representatives and a number of OPDs.

(Dispen Lantamal VII)

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