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Soft Opening Bali Mandara Hospital Delayed

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The Bali government was forced to delay the soft opening of Bali Mandara Hospital (RSBM), on Saturday (28/10). This was done following the decision of the Sanur residents who continue the desire for the demo.

The community demanded a 10 percent quota of job vacancies in RSBM previously promised by the Socialization Team from the local government. While the governor of Bali denied having given such a promise.

"Launching had to be postponed from the demonstration," said Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika after becoming the Inspector of the Youth Pledge Ceremony at Niti Mandala Renon Field, Denpasar, Saturday (28/10).

A day before, some representatives of Sanur residents had met with the governor. Related to this issue the governor even to apologize. In addition, the governor will also prioritize 19 formations in 2017 and 40 formations in 2018 for Sanur residents. Although there is still a selection for medical personnel formation and requirements that must be met for other formations.

According to Pastika, he was asked to come to Pantai Mertasari where people gathered to protest RSBM. The reason, people do not believe in what their representatives delivered when meeting with him.

"If I am also not trusted, they will also go to the hospital. RS demonstrated because it is not good, doctors are anxious, later doctors become nervous, "he explained.

Pastika reiterated if it never promised a 10 percent quota.

Therefore, the selected personnel must be fully qualified and meet the requirements. However, it is said there is nothing wrong if the qualified personnel is the local community because they no longer need to rent a boarding house and closer to RSBM.

However, the condition of Bali is currently conducive.

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