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Too, A Husband Sell Wife on Facebook

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A Satpol PP officer Surabaya police secured. Satpol PP outsourcing it had to deal with the police because it has the heart to sell his own wife.

The Satpol PP is Ardhi Cahyo Sudarmo. The 30-year-old man sold his wife to another man through social media means.

"The PPA Unit reveals a criminal case seeking profit from the lewd act committed by the suspect. This has been done several times and more ironically sold is his own wife, "said Police Criminal Polrestabes AKBP Leonard Sinambela told reporters on Monday (16/10/2017).

Ardhi sells his wife through his facebook account. After connecting with interested men, the next communication goes to the conversation app.

"This we managed to reveal because the concerned sold his wife through a social media account, from which we conduct an investigation and successfully revealed. people who order contact through the conversation application conversation then a transaction occurs, "said Leo.

Leo said that Ardhi was involved in the intercourse committed by his wife and the customer's man.

"The perpetrator is involved in the intercourse committed by the wife and the customer man," he said.

"The rate varies between Rp 250-400 thousand rupiah," said Leo.

When selling a wife, Ardhi confessed that he committed his deeds already as much as 5 times. And that he did without forcing his wife.

"I sold my wife five times and there is no coercion. If my wife wants ya I want, if he does not want ya I do not want, "he said.

Satpol PP who has now been dismissed that his motive for action is economic. The proceeds from selling wives are used for everyday needs.

"Make everyday needs," Ardhi said shortly.

Ardhi sold his wife since 2015. And he began peddling his wife through facebook account since September 2017.

Kasatpol PP Surabaya Irvan Widyanto justify the arrest of these members. But after the determination of the suspect, Ardhi has officially terminated his contract as an outsourcer.

"We are directly concerned with termination of the contract. To note, the case being handled Polrestabes has nothing to do with the official. It's a personal matter, "said Irvan.

Associated with the incidents or criminal acts that recently involved many members of Satpol PP, Irvan claimed to have done psychological re-tests to all members and banpol (outsourcing).

"If anyone does not qualify our contract evaluation for the banpol including for members of Satpol (PNS)," said Irvan.

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