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Tourists Do not Need to Worry Mount Agung Activities

BaliNews |
Tourism Minister Arief Yahya welcomes the return of the annual event of Legian Beach Festival which will take place from 11 to 15 October.

He said the festival activities will be an effective activity in supporting tourism and continue to add attractions in Bali which became The Best Destination version of TripAdvisor.

Especially in every year the number of visitors LBF always increases. If in 2015 the number of visitors reaches 65,500 and in 2016 is 83,500.

"In this year of course also the number is targeted to increase," said Minister Arief Yahya.

The implementation of Legian Beach Festival will also be a sign to the international public that the tourist area in Bali is still very safe from the volcanic activity of Mount Agung.

"The tourists have nothing to worry about, the government has prepared and anticipated everything.Government through Bali Tourism Hospitality is fully prepared, please come to Bali, never to be left behind by the beauty of Bali and all its activities," said Arief Yahya, this heart (hadi)

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