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Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2017

BaliNews | There is good news for world class literary enthusiasts. On October 25-29, 2017, there is Ubud Writers & Readers Festival (UWRF) 2017 ready to say hello. World-class writers, will certainly tumplek blek in World Best Destination 2017 version of TripAdvisor.

The whole eye of the cool show has been neatly arranged. Guaranteed you will be happy. Understandably, in addition to dissect the literature, you can also all leisure in destinations ever visited King Salman and Barrack Obama it.

"UWRF occupies the first position as the most desirable literary festival in Southeast Asia, the scale is huge," UWRF Founder and Director Janet DeNeefe said on Wednesday (25/10/2017).

Janet did not talk. In 2015, UWRF successfully attracted tens of thousands of visitors during the five-day event. All scattered in more than 50 locations spread in Ubud. From over 150 more writers, speakers, and cultural figures from all over Indonesia and the world, present all to Ubud, Bali.

Because of its size, UWRF is also included in the top three festivals in Bali besides Ubud Food Festival and Bali Emerging Writers Festival.

So what about the 2017 edition? About this, Janet admitted very optimistic. The selected theme is very sexy. From the start of social, cultural, political, and art themes, all will be raised in the presence of literary activists.

"UWRF this year deliberately took the theme of Origins amid global unrest and political turmoil. 'Origins' wants to invite people to see the big picture. Not just contemplating interpersonal relationships but together as human beings on this planet from time to time, "said Janet.

The Origin theme is inspired by the Hindu philosophy, "Sangkan Paraning Dumadi" which means the eternal relationship of man with the origin of man, where humans will return later.

Deputy Tourism Marketing Development Nusantara, Ministry of Tourism, Esthy Reko Astuty said it supports activities that enter the 10th year of this organization.

According to this event can showcase the diversity of Indonesian culture to the world as well as promoting Ubud as a meeting center of writers and artists from around the world to work, as well as travel.

"Although this event is only 10 years old, but this festival mempu encourage the tourism climate in Bali, especially in Ubud. From a tourism point of view, this UWRF has a positive impact, "Esthy said.

This festival became a place of dialogue between great writers in which the exchange of stories between local people and the perspective of the world to open the horizons of visitors during their stay in Indonesia.

Literature at the same time brings people beyond the physical and dive into culture through symbols and metaphors.

"As a tourism promotion, UWRF promotes Indonesia in literature, a point of view, and provides added value to provide visitors with more experience than just visiting tourist destinations," said Esthy accompanied by Head of Tourism Promotion Camp, Ni Putu Gayatri.

While Indonesia itself sent 15 authors who have previously been through a rigorous selection process of 915 papers. The selection was conducted by three judges namely Seno Gumira Ajidarma, Leila S.Chudori, and Warih Wisatsana.

"A total of 15 selected writers will attend and perform with award-winning writers at UWRF 2017," said Leila S.Chudori.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya also responded to this activity. According to him, UWRF will increasingly make Ubud not only tourist destinations, but also a world class literary arts destination.

"I am sure the beauty of Ubud as well as the strength of Balinese art and culture as well as its natural beauty can be an inspiration for writers. Happy festival. Salam Wonderful Indonesia, "said Minister Arief Yahya. (*)

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