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Agung mountain again remove ash as high as 1500 meters

Balinews.xyz | Mount Agung is located in the regency of karangasem, Bali province again issued ash 1500 meters high ash.

According to the head of BNPB Information and Public Relations Data Center, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho revealed, the majestic Mount erupted on Saturday (25/11/2017) at 17:30 WITA. The gray columns were observed in medium-grayish-gray asphalt as high as 1,500 m above the peak of Mount Agung.

Eruptions are visually observed from the Culik and Batulompeh areas to the west, southwest, medium-dark gray smoke.

This is the second eruption of Mount Agung with a higher ash column height than the previous eruption.

Mount Agung eruption first occurred on Tuesday (21/11/2017) at 17:05 WITA with thick gray smoke with a maximum pressure of 700 meters.

Until now PVMBG still continue to analyze erupsinya. There was no increase in seismic and volcanic activity after the eruption until this afternoon. While Gunung Agung's status has remained standby (level 3).

There is no increase in volcanic status. PVMBG continues to monitor and analyze volcanic activity. The recommendation also remains to avoid any activity within a 6 km radius plus a sectoral extension of 7.5 km to the north-northeast, southeast and south-southwest.

The people around Gunung Agung remain and do not panic. The community has obtained information and socialization related to Gunung Agung.

Data of refugees on Saturday afternoon was 25,016 people spread in 224 points of refuge.

People are encouraged to remain calm. Do not panic and hooked up misleading issues. PVMBG will continue to provide up-to-date information. BNPB, TNI, Polri, Basarnas, Ministries / Agencies, BPBD, SKPD, volunteers and all related elements will provide refugee treatment.

Bali's condition remains safe. Ngurah Rai International Airport is still normal. Tourism in Bali is also still as usual, in addition to the dangerous radius around Mount Agung is defined PVMBG, it should not have any activity from the community.

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