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Allowed to America, Gatot Refused to Depart

BaliNews |
The United States government called the Commander of the Indonesian Army General Gatot Nurmantyo immediately booked a new ticket after being denied boarding his first plane at the weekend. However, in the end he refused to leave.

It was delivered by a spokesman for the US State Security Ministry on Monday (23/10/2017).

According to him, the US Embassy in Jakarta has told Gatot that he can not directly board the plane because of the security protocol.

Customs and the US State Department could not solve the problem before the Emirates plane that was intended to be boarded Gatot depart.

The spokesman said the problems that blocked Gatot's journey could be immediately resolved at that time "through coordination between the individual offices, Customs, the US Embassy in Jakarta and other US government partners."

"Passengers have been booked for another flight and given permission to board the plane, he refused to leave."

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