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Ambassador Basri Sidehabi teases Qatar Airways Fly to Indonesia

BALINEWS.xyz | Qatar Airways continued to be wooed by Indonesian Ambassador to Qatar M. Basri Sidehabi to Indonesia. The result? There is already Air Service Agreement (ASA) with the airline that has successfully won the World's Best Airlines 2011 and 2012 award. Destinations to Surabaya, Medan, Batam and Manado, will soon be penetrated from Doha, Qatar.

"When did not he know. But there is an effort to open the door. The result is ASA, "said Ambassador M. Basri Sidehabi, Wednesday (29/11).

Persistent, persistent and aggressive. These three things became the key to success seducing Qatar Airways to fly to Indonesia. The formula is only one. Abstinence desperate before his goal is reached. "My background is military. So must fight for Indonesia. Must fight tourism aids, "he said.

A new era is about to begin. In the near future, the airline that once grabbed the Best Business Class at World Airline Awards 2013 will soon be landing in Surabaya, Medan, Batam and Manado. "Qatar Airways chose the four cities because the market is in accordance with Middle East market tastes," he said.

Surabaya has Sunan Ampel. In the vicinity there is also Batu, Malang and Bromo Tengger Semeru. The area is cool, very fitting for the Qatar market. Medan is also not much different. There is Lake Toba, a lake that has big waves like the sea.

The area is being prepared to be '10 New Bali '. Very cool. This is the second largest lake in the world and the largest volcanic lake first in the world. Even Samosir Island in the middle of Lake Toba is as large as Singapore.

Batam is another story. Destination which is only 30 minutes adrift from Singapore this lately more ngehits. The more crowded visited by foreign tourists, even December 2017-March 2018 later, Batam will be chartered flight charter flight from Korea. Marine tourism, golf, culinary and shopping is very good.

While Manado, the destination is already booming after the visit of tens of thousands of Chinese tourists. For those who like nautical can to Bunaken. Meanwhile, looking for cold air can be to Tomohon.

"If the four-four can be penetrated, imagine the potential of the incomenya. I'm sure it will be very high because Qatar is very rich. The mosque azan only get a salary of USD 2000 per month, "said Ambassador.

It was followed by Assistant Deputy of European, Middle East, African and American Market Development Kemenpar Nia Niscaya. From the data that has been collected Kemenpar, Qatar Qatar's spending is very high indeed. The number reaches USD 1330 per visit.

"Data Passenger Exit Survey 2016 is like that. If added with additional flights to the four destinations, the number can be very spectacular because spending and length of stay foreign tourists are on top of regular foreign tourists, "said Nia.

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