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Amien Rais: Jokowi's idea can make Indonesia a Chinese slave

BaliNews |
Former Chairman of the MPR, Amien Rais criticized the idea of ​​President Joko Widodo who will marry the Sea Toll with the Chinese Sea Silk Road.

"Mr. Jokowi wants to marry his sea toll with his Chinese silk trail, it is not balanced and it is harmful to Indonesia," said Amien when met in front of KK1 Room, Parliament Complex, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Thursday (2/11).

According to him, the word marriage is used for things that are parallel. However, in reality China is currently much stronger than Indonesia. This fact makes the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Mandate Party (PAN) sure if Jokowi idea implemented then Indonesia increasingly rely on China.

"Indonesia has the potential to become a Chinese slave, we depend on it, meaning that if we become married, we become Chinese or Chinese, if marrying two partners is equally profitable, but if one strong one is the piece with the master," he said.

Amien's conviction is not without reason. According to him, the United States alone can easily annex Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries.

"So it is not impossible if China annex Indonesia later," Amien said.

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