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Bali industrial business actors provide free services for tourists

BALINEWS.xyz | The eruption of Mount Agung forced Ngurah Rai International Airport to close, on Monday, November 27, 2017, at 07.15 WITA until now, the perpetrators of the industry move.

Not for the sake of business, pursuing profits, or hunting company turnover. But looking for ways to serve the "abandoned" tourists in Bali Airport due to cancellation. Those who sleep and stay at the airport are immediately provided free accommodation, tonight.

"No single traveler can sleep and stay at the airport, until the airport is open. GIPI Bali (Association of Indonesian Tourism Industry) together with Badung Regency Government is preparing free accommodation for tonight and tomorrow if the airport is still closed, "said Gus Agung, Chairman of GIPI Bali today.

The accommodation, said Gus Agung, included breakfast. Entrepreneurs agree, the price is equalized, and pegged nett. "Badung regency government prepared a budget of 2 billion rupiah for 2 nights, 1 room for two guests, and started tonight," said Gus Agung.

Gus Agung and GIPI Bali entrepreneurs agree with Menpar Arief Yahya, travelers who are vacationing in Bali it is the tourism industry customers. When they are treated privilegedly, in a difficult situation, it will have a positive and long-term impact.

Vice versa. If they are neglected to sleep uncomfortable, abandoned at the airport, let alone get sick, and tourism stakeholders in Bali do not care, do not give good service, the address will have a negative impact in the future. They will story anywhere, with anyone, and anytime.

In this era of social media, even they can post freely express the contents of his frustration. "Once very well served, very honorable, very human, they will post the joy of his heart, in the midst of panic," said Gus Agung.

Minister Arief Yahya added, when we provide services far exceeding expectations of customers, they will become very loyal. Merela will also tell you anywhere, through any media channel, about the kindness of the industrialists and the government of Bali, and Indonesia.

"I'm already full of experience in corporate management that way. So what the Badung regency and GIPI Bali do is very good! Once it should, invest long-term, "explained Minister Arief Yahya.

The value of Rp 2M prepared by Badung regency government is actually not too big when compared with the average of Pendapatan Asli Daerah (PAD) for a year.

Gus Agung mentioned the average PAD Rp 7Trillion a year, the Rp 2M is only the same as the subsidy to the 2 RTs in Badung Regency.

However, the step Pemkab Badung who want membudgetkan for foreign tourists who do not get accommodation facilities from airlines due to cancellation it is very good.

They also realize that the core economy of Badung is tourism. Customers are travelers. Caring for the customers is the best way for them to be loyal customers and stay on tour to Bali.

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