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Bali Red Cross distributes mask anticipation volcanic dust of Mount Agung

BaliNews.Xyz | Dozens of Indonesian Red Cross volunteers (PMI) Bali Province distributed masks to anticipate the impact of volcanic ash rain on the community in Menanga market area, Rendang District, Karangasem.

"The division of this mask we have done since Thursday (23/11) to anticipate if the phreatic eruption of Mount Agung," said PRI PMI Bali Province, Taufan Kristanto, in Amlapura, Karangasem, Friday.

Previously, he said, the mask distribution activities have been conducted in several areas prone to Mount Agung disaster such as Sebudi Village and Amertha Buana area.

"We hope this activity can help people who do not have mask supplies," said Taufan.

In an activity that also involved members of the Red Cross Youth (PMR), the Bali PMI distributed about 3,000 masks to traders in Pasar Menanga and the road users passing through the area.

In addition to distributing masks, volunteers also socialize how to use the correct mask at the same time appealed to residents to always prepare a mask when Mount Agung issued volcanic ash.

Phreatic eruption of Mount Agung on Tuesday (21/11) issued a gray smoke to as high as 700 meters and resulted in ash rain in some nearby areas in the area of ​​Mount Agung.

Meanwhile, the Drone Team of the Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) again flew drone (unmanned aircraft) to monitor the latest condition of the crater of Mount Agung, in Selat Field, Karangasem regency.

"We have a drone flight to update the visual data of the crater condition of Mount Agung as well as to detect the released gas levels issued by Gunung Agung," said PVMBG expert Umar Rosadi, as quoted from Antara.

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