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Bali Will Host World Bank International Conference

BaliNews.xyz | Indonesia will host the IMF & World Bank Annual Meeting in Bali, 2018. The head of the IMF-World Bank 2018 Annual Meeting Task Force, Peter Jacobs predicts, from the international conference, Indonesia will get a potential profit of approximately 100 million dollars.

"It's only a short-term benefit for 1 week of IMF implementation, and if the long term, they (the delegates) will come back to Indonesia," said Peter Jacobs, on the second day of the Central Java Regional Journalist Training 2017 in Jakarta , Tuesday, November 21, 2017.

Peter said, from the analysis of the implementation of the IMF & World Bank in Peru 2014, the growth of tourism and labor climate experienced a positive trend. Employment growth in Peru is 6.82 percent in the period 2014-2016. While the level of tourist visits to Peru increased 16.3 percent.

"The potential is expected to be accepted in Indonesia, so by inviting leaders from 189 countries, they will be expected to return to Indonesia, not only to travel but also to invest in Indonesia," said Jacobs. (R)

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