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Despite the stench of the Yeh Bengu Fountain is favored by tourists

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Its name is Yeh Bengu Shower. The word Bengu means bad smell. This shower is in Banjar Sayan Delodan, Mengwi, Badung regency is unique in terms of name. But the stench is not a carcass, but because of its high sulfur content.

Before becoming a Beji or waterfall and known by the public, this showerhead is just an ordinary water source that is used by the community as a place to relieve thirst while working in the area of ​​rice fields that exist around this showerhead.

As told Beji Stakeman Taman Saraswati, or Yeh Bengu Shower, Mangku Nyoman Meden, existence has existed long ago. But in ancient times, this showerhead is just an ordinary water source in the rice field area in Banjar Saya Delodan.

"At that time, the shower was just a place to rest and quench the thirst for the people who work in the area of ​​rice fields that exist in the west of the shower," he began the story.

According to the story of Mangku Meden, for decades, this Yeh Bengu Shower is an ordinary shower that is used as a shower and bath by the surrounding community. Until finally around 1978, there was an event that made this shower status changed from an ordinary shower to Beji holy Ida Bhatara Prajapati Banjar Sayan.

Events in question Mangku Meden, such as a place made to hold the water the rays made on the west side of the shower suddenly explode. "When I was a kid, and from my parents' story, the place exploded because people did not use the shower properly," he continued.

After asking the guidance of a clever person or "nunas bawos", finally the public shower no longer take advantage of the shower in vain, because actually said Mangku Meden, the shower is a sacred location Ida Bhatara Pura Prajapati Banjar Sayan Deleodan.

Apart from being a holy place Ida Bhatara Prajapati, this shower is said Mangku Meden also serves as a place of prayer house for people who want to perform religious rituals. And this ritual is not only done by the people around Banjar Sayan only.

But the existence of the Yeh Bengu Fountain as a place for prayer is well known to the wider community, it can be seen from the people who come to Yeh Bengu Fountain to pray not only from the Banjayan Sayan area. But the people who come also come from various regions in Bali.

As mentioned Mangku Meden, people who come to pray are from outside Badung regency such as Tabanan, Negara, Singaraja, Gianyar and some even come from outside Bali.

"In addition, people who come to pray here are not only local people, but there are also foreigners, he is an Australian tourist who lives in Ubud, several times he came to pray," he explained.

The coming of the people to pray at the Fountain of Yeh Bengu is said to be Mangku Meden mostly because they get guidance from smart people to perform prayers at the Shower located in Setra Desa Adat Banjar Sayan.

Apart from the clever guidance, the average citizen who comes to this shower to pray is also listening to the experiences of people who have already proved the efficacy of this Yeh Bengu fountain.

The source of water from the waterfall Yeh Bengu is said Mangku Menden comes from the springs in the ground that came out. Why is it called the Yeh Bengu shower? When asked so, Mangku Meden explains if the name of the Yeh Bengu Fountain is given by the surrounding community because of the stench that comes out of the water coming from the shower.

This stench is said Mangku Meden derived from Sulfur content in the water is high enough, causing a foul smell like the smell of rotten eggs. "Apart from the rather fishy taste, and the foul proof other than the sulfur content in the shower water can be seen from the yellow color that is on the side of this showerhead," he continued.

Although containing high sulfur content, but Mangku Meden mentions if this water is safe for consumption by the community. Even the water that comes from the shower is believed to have benefits for healing.

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