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Dozens of Children Enthusiastically Clean Cakung River

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Approximately 70 children and dozens of mothers today go down the streets in social activities themed "Clean Jakarta". Not only that, they also comb the riverside in the area of ​​East Cakung.

Activities with POC and BRI got the enthusiasm of dozens of children around the location in Cakung, East Jakarta. In addition to teaching healthy lifestyles by cleaning up the river and picking up trash, children are also educated with a number of entertainment such as fairy tales.

Christy of DPP Pajero Owners Comunity responded to the social activities that educated the children and was considered very positive as a form of learning outside of school hours.

"I am representing the POC, which is engaged in this field, I happen to social field in BPP of course this activity is very good, we used to hold for social activities, law, disaster that often happen in Indonesia," he said.

With this activity, Christy said, we can go directly to help the people and we also urge the citizens or the local community or my brothers who are out there to be inspired to be clean, healthy, and help each other.

The same support also came from Bank BRI Jakarta. Even this activity is considered necessary to be realized on a regular basis so that children are educated directly.

"Inshaa Allah, in the future we will always support, we will always try to participate, especially related to society, clean environment, children, so grateful we can join both big family and with POC. to participate, "explained Deliana, BRI Representative of Soekarno Hatta Branch, which is present at the location of these activities.

While Adam Stevanus mentioned the purpose of this activity is held to teach children to be educated to maintain the cleanliness of the river and not littering.

"I hope for the future, we can keep the river as well as possible because the river if polluted with garbage, it will cause illness, so if you want to live healthy, live by keeping the river first, and I hope in the community all to be stirred and run like we are to make every river clean, beautiful, and beautiful, "he said.

When asked by correspondent to choose Cakung River, Adam said, "because I saw, yesterday I had observation also turns the river in Cakung is still contaminated also by garbage - garbage and I was moved his heart.Finally we will review again where the river is polluted with dirt, we will review, if it should be cleaned like this, held events like this, we will definitely come again, "he concluded. (R-01)

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