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Hindu Yonbekang Kostrad Celebrate Galungan Day

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Galungan is a holy day of Hinduism around the world that is commemorated every 210 days. On this Galungan day, Hindus believe that the consecrated spirits of the spirits are coming back home to give blessing to their descendants.

The Galunggung feast that falls on the 1st of November 2017 is celebrated by Hindus in the world including the Hindu Yonbekang 2/2 Kostrad. To commemorate the day of the greatness of Hinduism by performing the ritual of praying to the mock.

The celebration of the Galungan festivities is a symbol of the Dharma (Kindness) victory over Adharma (Crime), it is a symbol that no evil in this world can triumph over good in any form, in this occasion the Hindu Yonbekang 2/2 Kostrad performs the prayer in two different places.

In the morning held at Pura Buring Malang and Afternoon held at Pura Yonbekang 2/2 Kostrad, on this activity was held on Wednesday, November 1, 2017 which is led by Pelda Made Yasa and friends 14 people. Pelda Made Yasa is also the eldest of Yonbekang 2/2 Kostrad Hindus.

In addition, Pelda Made Yasa said that the celebration of Galungan festivities was held aimed at establishing the relationship between Hindus and the people of Malang Raya and to strengthen confidence in Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa.

Pelda Made Yasa as one of the Chairman of Pura Yonbekang 2/2 Kostrad is also asked to lead this sacred event in Pura Yonbekang 2/2 Kostrad while for the one in Pura Buring Malang in Pimpin by Mr. Mangku Maruta attended by about 300 people of Hindus Malang Raya, during this activity run in orderly, full of wisdom and smoothly.

"This kind of event is one of the activities of Bintal (mental guidance) for a soldier and is a means of Komsos (Social Communication) for Unit Yonbekang 2/2 Kostrad," he said. (Hadi)

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