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Kahiyang-Bobby Wedding Traditional event, Jokowi greeted Tor Tor Dance

Balinews.xyz | Arriving at the peak of the Ni Horja Traditional Eye ceremony of Kahiyang-Bobby's wedding, President Jokowi was welcomed by the Mandailing ceremony.

After briefing the host, Jokowi and Ibu Iriana were greeted with Tor-tor dance retreat as a welcome of honor.

"Father was greeted in a customary manner, as a dignified figure," said the host. Then, the adat party provides a number of requirements, including betel, to Jokowi and Mrs. Iriana.

Betel has been accepted, the characters welcomed in front of him by marching sideways, then bringing Tor Tor dance back. They are manorsors while retreating, while President Jokowi runs forward following the retreat manorsors.

A number of male dancers carrying the sword continue to perform the dance, accompanied by the singing of the Mandailing singing, in a distant way.

Beside and behind Jokowi, there are troops hulubalang accompanying the entourage. There is a special umbrella brought to President and Mrs. Iriana. (R)

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