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Lombok International Airport is closed, Menpar sad

BALINEWS.xyz | Minister Arief Yahya can not withstand sad, so Lombok International Airport is closed. From Sunday afternoon 26 November 2017 at 17.55 WITA until Monday morning, November 27, at 06.00, the airport in Praya was off.

What's he saying? "This morning, November 27, 2017, I flew to Bali! I will meet with tourism stakeholders there, "replied Arief Yahya, with a heavy and slow tone.

Arief Yahya was hit by the lack of operation of Lombok International Airport. The closure has been deployed as NOTAM no. B8868 / 17 to national and international flight operators. "This is a very difficult situation for Bali's tourism industry, Lombok and Indonesia," I'm Arief Yahya.

How come? Until November 2017, Lombok and Bali destinations are still heavily promoted at WTM London. In the second largest World Travel Mart after ITB Berlin, the design of the destination is still promoted in Europe, Australia, Asia, and many countries in the world. All getting ready off.

The name of the eruption, said Arief Yahya, is a natural disaster that is difficult to predict. No one can confirm the situation of Mount Agung. When? What is the scale? Where's the impact? "That's what makes us pound at all times," said Arief.

Bali is 40% where foreign tourists. Followed by 30% Jakarta and 20% Riau Islands. "The rest is only 10% se Indonesia, then Bali is like the main product, the current flagship product of tourism. Suddenly the natural disaster of Mount Agung began to be active, "said Minister Arief who was shocked by the news.

The impact of Lombok Int Airport's closure is even happening today, 27 November. Almost all lion and wing air flights, experienced deleyed.

Director General of Air Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation, Agus Santoso, explained that the closure of Lombok Praya International Airport was affected by Mount Agung eruption in Bali.

According to VAAC Darwin that the direction of volcanic ash volcanic eruption of Mount Agung leads to East - Southeast to Lombok Praya International Airport (LOP).

"There is no volcanic ash around the airport, but the volcanic dust is in the sky around the airport, thus blocking the flight path, so for Lombok's flight the airport is closed so that the operation from and to the airport is stopped," Agus said. .

Agus also affirmed the airline's operators and all parties concerned to comply with the rules and not to impose the will of aircraft-related flights.

"All operational airlines must comply with the rules of flight safety, should not impose the will for any reason until declared safe and secure by authorized officers," said Agus.

Associated with the closure of the airport, Agus also ordered all airlines to provide the best service to passengers according to the rules.

"I instruct the airlines and airport managers to provide facilities to passengers who want to continue the journey with other modes of transportation such as ships or buses, while those who choose to stay at the airport must also be considered and given actual and actual information," Agus added.

For further information, Agus said the Directorate General of Civil Aviation will always provide and disseminate actual information to the public through all information channels of the Directorate General of Air Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation. Communities can also search and provide information related to the impact of Mount Agung eruption in its area in social media DG Hubud @ djpu151 and BMKG website. (rls)

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