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Police and TNI Successfully Unleash Sandra in Papua

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After a long negotiation, Indonesian netizens received good news of the hostage-taking situation in Mimika, Papua.

Hundreds of civilians taken hostage by the separatist group leader Ayub Waker, are free today. The Integrated Task Force succeeded in evacuating the civilians in Tembagapura village, such as Banti and Kimbeli villages in Tembagapura, Mimika, Papua, on Friday (17/11).

Evacuation of 350 residents led by the Commander of Brimob Unit of Papua Police, Pol Kombes Mathius D. Fakhiri, at around 09.30 WIT. Papua Police Chief Inspector General Pol Boy Rafli told Antara to justify the evacuation of the people who had been held hostage at Kimbely.

"The evacuation process for almost five hours accompanied by attacks or gunfire from separatist members," said Inspector General Boy Rafli.

Netizen Indonesia terlhat happy with the news. Tagar #KeberhasilanTNIPolri also enliven twitter linimasa on Friday (17/11/2017).

Netizen also expressed his gratitude and pride to the operation of the TNI-Polri unit that managed to free the citizens. (R)

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