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Prepare for Kahiyang and Bobby's wedding party on November 24, 2017

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A total of 33 sets of uniform clothes with a typical ulos motif ulos Tapanuli South Bobby Nasution family prepared in the ceremony Kahiyang Ayu-Bobby Nasution wedding party on November 24 in Medan, North Sumatra.

"This uniform is worn by Bobby's family in the event," said Mba Ayi, Director of Tailor Necis at Jalan Pandu Baru, Medan, yesterday.

The Bobby family, still Ayi said, had ordered this outfit two months ago. Initially, Bobby's mother, contacted Rachman to come to his home in Bukit Hijau Regency, Setia Budi Indah Park, Medan.

"The Bobby family has been our subscription for five years. Every time there is an event, they must sew clothes in Necis, "he said.

Upon arriving at the house, Bobby's mother asked Rachman to sew 33 sets of uniforms for the wedding ceremony of Bobby and Kahiyang

"There are four types of costumes that we work on. The fourth is beskap, batik, songket and coat, "said Ayi.

Mentioned, black color became the base beskap. Ulos motifs add luxury to beskap. As for songket cloth worn at the waist decorated green, blue, and red. This tamper cloth is characteristic of Tapanuli South clothing specifically for men.

"It has 90 percent stage of uniform costume workmanship this. On 22 November this uniform order will be taken Bobby family, "he said.

The Necis tailor shop had stood about 50 years ago. And currently 80 employees work in the store. While the cost of uniform clothing for wedding ceremony Bobby Nasution-Kahiyan Ayu around Rp 900 thousand for upper clothing.

"The Bobby family is ours. The cost of sewing clothes is definitely reduced. I am proud, because Bobby from Medan became the mantle of President Jokowi, "he concluded.

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