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President Conveys Three Major Messages at APEC Forum Viet Nam

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President Joko Widodo delivered three key messages while attending the 25th APEC Economic Leaders Meeting in Da Nang, Viet Nam on Saturday, November 11, 2017.

In the Working Lunch session on "Fostering A Shared Future", President Jokowi stressed the importance of inclusive development that can benefit society in general.

This is because data indicate an increase in welfare and poverty reduction in APEC, but development progress is still uneven. In addition, the current globalization process also results in chronic inequality of income due to uneven benefits of globalization.

"If not corrected then the situation will lead to the widespread thinking and protectionist movement and anti-globalization," said President Jokowi.

Secondly, President Jokowi also encourages APEC to immediately complete the unprofitable Bogor Goals agenda. Given that 23 years of "Bogor Goals" has become a driving force for APEC cooperation.

"Bogor Goals reflects the importance of free and open trade and investment as well as the realization of economic growth and prosperity of the people," said the President.

Finally, President Jokowi invites all APEC members to take advantage of technological developments and innovations in the vision after 2020. A number of anticipatory and adaptive steps must be undertaken by APEC to reduce the gap in development gaps.

"Encouraging regional economic integration, continuing structural reforms, resolving regulatory constraints, implementing productive growth strategies, realizing sustainable and equitable development, and reducing economic disparities," said President Jokowi.

President Jokowi also hopes APEC members can work together to strive for the APEC vision can produce real results and beneficial to the people around the world.

"The balance of the pillars of liberalization and facilitation of trade and investment as well as economic and technical cooperation are increasingly key to success," said President Jokowi.

In this working lunch session, APEC leaders agreed to start the process post 2020. It also emphasized that APEC needs to continue to play the role of an incubator model for regional integration.

APEC leaders also share the same view that APEC's focus on cooperation is the people and business community. Post 2020 should be built on the basis of Bogor Goals, and with the addition of cooperation areas as a result of the industrial revolution.

In closing, Viet Nam President, APEC Chair of 2017, asserted that APEC Post 2020 should be aspirational, ambitious but also realizable. (R-01)

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