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Refugees will celebrate the Galungan in Barracks

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The decline in the status of Mount Agung into alert has not caused refugees in Tabanan regency to return to their home villages. Most still decide to stay at the post and celebrate Galungan at the evacuation post.

As in Penebel sub-district there is no data of refugees returning home.

According to the head of the Penebel sub-district, I Gusti Ayu Nyoman Suparwati, on Monday (30/10) mentioned that from last data only one refugee came home, but only to pray at his home in Karangasem.

"So no permanent home. Just for praying and he will return, "he said.

From the latest data, there were 131 Karangasem refugees in Penebel District. They are spread in 13 villages and refugee camps. For the main post located at the official house of the District Camat recorded 30 refugees.

Galungan this time, refugees in the main post district Penebel get donations of pork from the Regent of Tabanan and they gotong royong process it. The same thing happened in refugee camps Kerambitan District.

A refugee, Wayan Sudarma (65) is grateful to get pig assistance so he can feel the impression Galungan though simple in the shelter.

He added that some IDPs are planning to return to Karangasem during Galungan. "For prayers only. After that back again to the evacuation, "explained the refugees from Banjar Sugar Service, Village Buana Giri, District Bebandem this.

Kerambitan sub-district head, I Gede Sukanada, said that from the last data, no refugees have decided to return home. The last recorded refugees to move or vote home on October 21 amounted to six people. From the last data recorded 194 refugees in Kerambitan district, 112 refugees came from outside KRB III and 82 people came from KRB III.

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