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Respect the Ancestor, Prabowo Pilgrimage to the Tomb of King of Yogyakarta

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Gerindra Party Chairman Prabowo Subianto made a pilgrimage to the Tomb of the Kings of Yogyakarta in Pajimatan Imogiri Bantul, Monday (13/11). In the event, Prabowo was accompanied by family and administrators of Gerindra Party of Bantul Regency, and DIY Province.

But Prabowo firmly says, if the pilgrimage is done there is no kaitanya with pencapresannya 2019. Appeared to be present in accompanying, among others, Chairman of DPC Gerindra Bantul Drs H Suharsono and Bantul Engar Suryo Jatmiko.

To reporters after the pilgrimage Prabowo said, if pilgrimage made pilgrimage is done is a personal and family agenda.

"Pilgrimage as a tradition, respect for ancestors and history I think that's it, a personal matter," Parbowo said.

Meanwhile, Secretary of DPD Gerindra DIY, Dharma Setiawan said, if Prabowo Subianto is a HB II trah so that his pilgrimage visit there is no other agenda. "It's purely personal interest, pilgrimage and no interest 2019, still two years away," he explained.

Dharma describes the coming to the Tomb of the Kings of Mataram to pray for his ancestors. So it has nothing to do with Prabowo Subianto's pencapresan. In fact, his arrival to Yogyakarta attended the invitation of Amien Rais with the dawn activities together at the mosque in Amien Rais residence complex.

Pengageng Puroloyo Kota Gede and Tomb of King Yoyakarta in Imogiri, KRT Hastono ningrat said, Prabowo directly into the complex of the tomb of Sultan Agung. After completion of pilgrimage then rest in Pecaosan complex of grave HB VII, VIII and IX. (R)

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