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Runners from 34 countries joined Bromo Tengger Semeru Ultra 100

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Sport tourism Bromo Tengger Semeru (BTS) Ultra 100 successfully hypnotize 1000 more world runners. Although the terrain is uphill and the route is more than 100 km, runners from 34 countries immediately queue to register. Everything ensures take part on 3-7 November 2017.

"This shows a positive trend," Wonderful Challenge "themed race runs in the ultra category because it races the running distance above the marathon or above 42 km distance," said Hendra Wijaya, Gerneral Advisor of cross-BTS Ultra 100 cross race on Thursday (2/11 ).

The number of participants increased dramatically. Compared to 2016, the race initiated by FOne Sport is up 100%. "This is a new record, only 545 runners last year, far more than the inaugural championship in 2013 which only followed 107 people," said Hendra.

In 2017, the number has penetrated above 1000 people. "There are actually 1,303 runners. However, many do not meet the qualification requirements to run in the number they want. And we are very firm about this. Participants who do not meet the qualification requirements may not participate in the contest. This is for the security and comfort of all participants, "he said.

Meanwhile Race Director Rudi Rohmansyah convey, the categories are contested very diverse. From category 170 kilometers, 102 kilometers, 70 kilometers and 30 kilometers, everything is there.

"Everything is Open class for men and women," Rudi said.

For a distance of 170 km, will be followed by 42 male runners. The amount is a bit because of the required qualification must have had to finish the ultra-trail 100 km in the previous race. Almost all Indonesian ultra-trail elite runners are down at this number.

"The distance is 102 km, there are 143 runners, the requirement is to finish the ultra-trail race of 50 km.For 70 km there are 338 runners, the condition must have finished the ultra-trail race 21 km or full marathon 42 km and 30 km 454 runner.This is without qualification, "continued Race Director BTS Ultra Rudi Rochmansyah.

All the contested numbers will start and finish at Lava View Hotel, Wonokitri Village, Cemoro Lawang, Tosari, Pasuruan, East Java. However, the route of each number will be set not the same.

For the route 170 km start in Lava View Cemoro Lawang then down to the sea of ​​sand Bromo and up to the hill B29. Next go to Ranu Pane, and go to Mount Semeru climbing path from Ranu Kumbolo to Kalimati.

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