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Simulation, Ngurah Rai Airport Bali Attacked by Terrorist

BaliNews.xyz | A group of people attacked the Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport in a simulation of counter terrorism and in the framework of the 15th anniversary of international cooperation, was initiated by Bali Police.

Bali Police Chief, Inspector General Pol. Petrus R. Golose said, Bali needs international cooperation to handle terrorism.

Given the island of Bali is one area that is very vulnerable entry of terrorism threat, let alone Bali is one of the central tourist destinations in Indonesia are often visited by local and foreign tourists.

In the simulation, the group of ministers and delegates who were attending the conference were suddenly attacked by armed groups after the event.

A group of terrorists attacked Ngurah Rai Airport and took hostages. The situation grew tense when gunfire and bomb explosions sounded triggering the panic of people who are in the airport area.

A number of people were taken hostage until the victims were injured and 5 died. The terrorists demanded three conditions to be fulfilled by the government: to request for a special aircraft to escape, to request a sum of money and the release of members of armed groups held by the Indonesian government.

Team Jihandak and Wanteror Brimob Bali Police are on alert. Negotiations were also underway to ensure that prisoners who remain in terrorist control remain safe.

Coordination with various parties finally succeeded in crippling the radical groups who controlled Ngurah Rai airport.

"This exercise is also for the preparation of Bali as host of IMF-World Bank next year (2018)," explained Bali Police Chief, Inspector General Pol. Petrus R. Golose in the Ngurah Rai Airport area, yesterday.

In addition, Kapolda said, his side in January will receive a security team from the IMF-World Bank. (R)

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