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STP Bali win Business Tourism Idea Contest 2017

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Tourism High School (STP) Bali became champion in Business Ideas Idea in the field of Tourism 2017. Success was obtained after successfully menggunguli 72 participants. With the theme Agrorange Kintamani, STP Bali managed to surpass STP NHI Bandung (Casa De Bottela's) and Polterkpar Makassar (HI Housekeeping).

"The contestants numbered 72. After that it was decided there were 10 finalists by the jury team, namely three groups from STP Bali, two groups from STP NHI Bandung, two groups from Akpar Medan, one group from Poltekpar Makassar, one group from Poltekpar Palembang and one person from Poltekpar Lombok, "said Deputy of Tourism Institutional Development Ahman Sya who agreed by STP Bali Byomantara Chairman, Monday (13/11/2018).

The competition, jointly initiated by 6 Tourism Colleges (PTP) with the School of Business Management (SBM) Institute Teknologi Bandung (ITB), has a major theme "tourism village, services bussiness and creative products that support local tourism". And all of them, presents very interesting works. "Students and lecturers not only have enough knowledge alone. Must be balanced with entrepreneurial skills, "he said.

The output leads to the strengthening of cooperation between PTP Kemenpar and SBM ITB. Also to develop human resources (HR) in the field of tourism entrepreneurship.

"As well as briefing knowledge of tourism cooperation model, entrepreneurship curriculum, tourism business financing model, capacity building of lecturer in entrepreneurship, sharing knowledge about entrepreneurship practices in tourism," said Ahman Sya.

Meanwhile, Byomantara said the event is part of a series of 6 PTP cooperation under Kemenpar namely STP NHI Bandung, STP Bali, Akpar Medan, Tourism Polytechnic Makassar, Palembang and Lombok with SBM ITB for 3 years (2017-2019).

"The final round was held on Thursday (9/11) at Golden Palace Hotel Mataram. After that it was announced three champions. The champions get coins money millions of dollars, "he said.

Byomantara also mentioned, this activity can improve the ability in teaching and learning process. And establish cooperation between the academics in the field of knowledge of entrepreneurship in the field of tourism.

"STP Nusa Dua Bali is very proud of being selected as the winner. This competition is also an implementation of cooperation between six PTP under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and SBM ITB, "he explained.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya appreciated the competition which is a form of synergy from SBM ITB and 6 PTP. According to him, In this global age, entrepreneurial culture for students and lecturers of PTP should be further improved.

"Congratulations to all the winners of the race. Hopefully this business idea contest can improve the ability of Indonesian tourism students in entrepreneurship in the future. Jayalah tourism in Indonesia. Wonderful Indonesia Tourism Entrepreuneship (WITE), "said Arief Yahya Minister of Tourism RI. (R)

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