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The celebration of Hari Raya Galungan Member Yonif Para Raider 501 Kostrad

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Galungan is a holy day of Hinduism around the world that is commemorated every 210 days. On this Galungan day, Hindus believe that the consecrated spirits of the spirits are coming back home to give blessing to their descendants.

Galungan Day which falls on 1 November 2017 is celebrated by Hindus in the world including the Hindu Yonif Para Raider 501 / BY Kostrad, commemorate the great day of Hindu religion by performing ritual prayer to the temple.

In this activity the celebration of Galungan Day is a symbol of Dharma (Kindness) victory over Adharma (Crime), it is a symbol that no evil in this world can win against goodness in any form.

On this occasion the Hindu Yonif The Raider 501 / BY Kostrad performed the Mewinten ceremony held at Sangga Bhuana Temple of Iswahyudi Magetan Temple which was led by Serka I Gusti Putu Bintara and followed by all Hindu personnel. Serka I Gusti Putu Bintara is also the eldest of the Yonif Hindu The Raider 501 / BY Kostrad.

In that case, Serka I Gusti Putu Bintara said that the celebration of Hari Raya Galungan was held aimed to establish the relationship of Hindus with the community and to strengthen confidence in Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa.

Serka I Gusti Putu Bintara as one of the Stewards / Priests in Yonif The Raider 501 / BY Kostrad was also asked to lead this sacred event at Pura Sangga Bhuana Lanud Iswahyudi.

During the event, the event runs in an orderly, wise and smooth manner. "This event is one of the activities of Bintal (mental guidance) for a soldier and is a means of Komsos (Social Communication) for the Yonif Unit Raider 501 / BY Kostrad. (Hadi)

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