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The ceremony Pelebon Chairman of PR Saraswati Foundation

BaliNews.xyz | The ceremony of Chairman of PR Saraswati Foundation, I Gusti Gede Anom went smoothly on Sunday (19/11). The deceased's body was placed in a 16-meter-tall Bade Meru Tumpang Sembilan.

The mobilization of Bade to Setra uses a wheeled conveyance facility that is driven by at least 250 people krama. They came from 8 banjars in Desa Adat Pandak Gede Kediri.

The plan will be burned bade on Tuesday (21/11) future. Bade as high as 16 meters is temporarily kept at Setra Desa Adat Pandak Gede Kediri.

The 2nd child I Gusti Gede Anom, A.A Satria Dewi, said the bade burning that brought the deceased's body could not be done on Sunday (19/11) with consideration of the safety and sustainability of the surrounding environment.

"Bade is high and can not just be burned with the whole shape. There is a technique. Therefore it will be burned two days from now, "he said.

The plan for the safety of the surrounding environment, bade with a height of 16 meters will be cut some parts and then then burned.

In the procession of bade appointment from Puri Gede Batan Ancak Desa Pandak Kediri to setra, said Satria Dewi, involving 250 people. The total staff who assisted the ceremony were about 400 people from eight banjar Desa Adat Pandak Gede.

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