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There is Mount Agung eruption, Lombok Marathon 2017 postponed

BALINEWS.xyz | Mount Agung eruption not only affects the flight activity in Lombok, but also affects several sporting and tourism events that will be held in Lombok, such as Lombok Marathon 2017.

The plan, Lombok Marathon 2017 held December 3 later. However, due to the unstable activities of Lombok International Airport and the frequent enforcement of the open, the event was postponed to 28 January 2018.

"The flight is still unpredictable, the participants who have registered can not go to Lombok, so this event is postponed," said Chairman of KONI West Nusa Tenggara Andi Hadianto in Mataram, Tuesday (28/11/2017).

Andi explained, it deliberately delayed the event because most marathon participants come from outside the NTB Region, which they must use the plane as the main transportation to go to Lombok.

In addition to domestic participants, Lombok Marathon 2017 will also be followed by hundreds of participants from 18 countries. They include Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, the United States, Brazil, Australia, Portugal, France, Germany, Sweden, Kenya, Malaysia, Japan, Timor Leste, the Philippines, Britain and several other countries.

Andi said, Lombok Marathon 2017 is the second event held by the NTB provincial government. Lombok Marathon first held in 2016 and the number of participants reached 2800 people. And this year, attendees are estimated to reach 5000 people.

Meanwhile, the length of the route to be passed by participants is very diverse, ranging from Full Marathon along 42.195 Kilometers (km), Half Marathon along 21.097 Kilometers (Km), entertainment Marathon 10 Kilometers (Km), and 5 Kilometers (Km), and the Ekiden followed by a team of four runners along 42.195 Kilometers (Km).

"The whole route that passes by the participants is the route of choice with exotic scenery, so participants in addition to exercise are also able to enjoy the beautiful nature of Lombok," added Andi Andi.

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