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This is what makes Ustadz Somad Angry

BaliNews.xyz | When asked about Rina Nose who opened her hijab on the grounds that nothing has changed, Ustadz Abdul Somad asked who Rina Nose is behind. "The pug?"

Apparently, this term is used as a weapon to convince Ustadz Abdul Somad with mocking allegations. And so far Rina Nose like the branding "pug" is. On Youtube, there are some video proofs.

In a subsequent study that uploaded a Sun Qur'an Media account on Youtube on Sunday (19/11/2017), Ustadz Abdul Somad responded to allegations that he was mocking Rina Nose.

"That's not me mocking, it's people have mocked religion. If there is need, no need to believe, no gods can be good for what god is looking for, "Ustadz Abdul Somad quoted Rina Nose as saying.

The article referred to by Ustadz Abdul Somad as "mocking religion" was written by Rina Nose in Instagram account. However, at this writing has been deleted Rina.

The following full article Rina Nose as quoted Tribunnews, Sunday (12/11/2017):

There is a new lesson that I got from Japanese residents for my two days here. The majority of the population here seems to have no belief in a religion, not even God.

But some of them believe that there is a much greater force than themselves.

There are interesting, without belief in a particular religion, they are so upholding moral values ​​and humanity.

Having a great sense of gratitude for all the pleasures they have gained by respecting every living being, food and nature.

Has a high awareness of order, discipline, and cleanliness.

It's hard to find a trash can here, but it's also hard to find trash scattered around every corner.

Almost no. (Maybe I have not visited it all, but as far as this eye sees, every corner looks neat and clean).

Another thing that caught my attention, when I discovered some natives who suddenly wanted to embrace a belief.

Then I ask, if your life is as good as this without religion, then why do you want to seek God and want to have a religion?

Not only Ustadz Abdul Somad, many netizens who rate the writing insult religion and lead to atheism.

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