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Towards the End of Year 2017 Tourist Visit to Bali Rises

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The achievement of the target number of visits of 15 million foreign tourists in 2017 continues to show a positive trend. Step Menpar Arief Yahya to realize the tourism sector as a leading sector of the nation's economy more real. The direction is getting more visible.

Deputy of Tourism Development and Marketing Nusantara, I Gde Pitana said, based on data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), until the period of September 2017 the number of foreign tourist arrivals (tourists) to Indonesia reached 10,458,299. This number increased significantly by 25.05 percent compared with last year's performance.

"As for the period September rose 20.47 percent compared to the same month last year," said I Gde Pitana, accompanied by Deputy Secretary of BP3M, Ni Wayan Giri Adnyani.

The increase, said Pitana, is certainly very positive. Compared to ASEAN's growth of only 6.5 percent and the world's growth of only 5 percent, the number 26 percent of arrivals of foreign tourists to Indonesia certainly enough to make that optimism awake.

"If the increase is large, it is certainly relative, but for me this is an optimal increase because our target is 26 percent from 12 million last year to 15 million this year," Pitana said.

Then the question, whether the target of 15 million foreign tourists will be achieved? Based on the existing calculation, the accumulated target until September 2017 is 9.9 million. But in fact it reached 10.458 million. This means that until September the achievement of the target of foreign tourists has reached 105 percent.

"From that figure, I am optimistic to be achieved, although I have to see the data in October because of the disruption of Mount Agung in Bali," Pitana said.

He said that for one more month from September 23, 2017 to October 29, 2017, the status of Mount Agung was set at the alert level. It is said Pitana certainly have an impact on a visit to Bali, which is the largest destination of foreign tourists.

"This raises many questions outside, so there is little cancellation of visits, but not drastically," Pitana said.

Under the direction of Menpar Arief Yahya, at that time formed Bali Tourism Hospitality Task Force to anticipate the fulfillment of the needs of tourists. They are accessibility, accommodation, and attractions as well as monitoring and handling of issues that develop in the mass media related to the development of Gunung Agung.

"We always say that life in Bali is Normal, which is not allowed to be only 9 kilometers and 12 kilometers from the peak that may be affected by hot lava if it erupts, and since it is clear, cancellation is no longer," Pitana said.

Even on several occasions promotions and travel markets abroad Bali promotion has been increasingly intensive. Interest in the market was getting stronger.

Therefore promotional activities and direct selling will continue to be strengthened. Included in countries with the character of the community can decide the journey in a relatively quick time. Like Australia.

"Promotion Bali is back target 15 million, if there is no other disturbance of course I am optimistic," said Pitana.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said now Bali is ready to welcome tourists. He said, with the declining status of Mount Agung to "Alert" will encourage foreign tourists visiting Bali is getting higher.

Especially before the holidays end of November and December 2017 to January 2018 that entered in peak seasons.

For this Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar) to intensify marketing strategy and promotion to potential markets, among others; China, Singapore, Australia Malaysia, and Japan as the top 5 market.

Promotion activities include conducting famtrip tour activities by inviting media and tour operators from each of these potential markets.

Famtrip by the nine Chinese media by visiting the tourist attraction in Bali in order to provide actual and factual information about the condition of Bali after the activities of Mount Agung, to imitate Bali who are ready to welcome the visit at the end of the year and increase the visit of foreign tourists from China. "Bali is ready to welcome peak seasons , "said Minister Arief Yahya mantab.

Until September 2017 recorded foreign tourists from China is still a tourist with the highest growth. That is 1,607,615 or up by 45.68 percent, followed by Japan at 416,040 (up 6.46 percent), Australia at 918,957 (up 1.38 percent), Malaysia at 885,412 (down 0.16 percent), and Singapore at 1,067,242 (up 0.36 percent). (Hadi)

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