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Welcoming the triumph of Dharma

BaliNews | The Hindu Dharma in Bali celebrate the holy day of Galungan, the greatest feast in commemorating the Dharma (virtue) victory against Adharma (ugliness) with solemnity, Wednesday (01/11/2017).

Hindus both men, women and children wear white and white nominally fashioned attire offerings to the temple or the family sanctuary (merajan) to hold prayers.

The atmosphere of the city of Denpasar and rural areas in Bali looks quite lively, because along the road decorated with Penjor as a symbol of prosperity.

The roads along the city of Denpasar seem lonely and lenggang, because all offices of government and private agencies in Bali holiday (facultative) for three consecutive days, 31 October, 1 and 2 November 2017.

"The Hindus on the Galungan day are obliged to conduct self-introspection, to be aware and to know the true truth, because the truth is still upheld," said Director of Doctoral Program of Post-Graduate Studies of Hindu Dharma Indonesia Neger Institute (IHDN) Denpasar Dr I Ketut Sumadi.

Thus the Hindus are expected to improve the tolerance and strengthen the harmony of life among religious believers, who have been living harmoniously side by side with each other.

Hindu people in celebrating Galungan Day can be closer to God Almighty, in order to get guidance, guidance and protection, in the hope of staying on the right path according to the teachings of Dharma.

Galungan holy day in addition to meaningful commemorate Dharma victory over Adharma also give silence to prosperity and prosperity delegated Ida Sanghyang Widhi Wasa, God Almighty, Ketut Sumadi said.

The vibrant atmosphere thanks to the Penjor ornaments (decorated bamboos) lined the streets that are displayed in front of the household entrances of each family.

Penjor displays full of meaning add to the splendor of the island resort destination destination that is never deserted from the activities of ritual and culture.

The vibrant atmosphere is almost happening in all places, both in urban and rural areas on the Island of God with the preparation of each family conducted long before, although people on the slopes of Gunung Agung Kabupaten Karangasem still have to be in the refugee and not install penjor.

The holy day of Galungan which is commemorated by Hindu every 210 days also means giving silence to the prosperity and prosperity that Ida Sanghyang Widhi Wasa delivers, God Almighty.

Chairman of Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia (PHDI) Bali Province Prof. Dr. I Gusti Ngurah Sudiana reminded, Hindus in making Penjor Galungan emphasize simplicity according to its meaning.

The nature of Penjor Galungan notes the completeness of including the commodity of agricultural products as a symbol of prosperity and holy place (sanggah) to pray.

Penjor Galungan is very different from Pengor race which must be made as good and as beautiful as possible. This is emphasized because Penjor prices sold by traders vary from Rp250.000 to Rp2, 5 million per piece, depending on the completeness ormanennya.

For that Galungan penjor according to Ngurah Sudiana actually do not need expensive and mutually important jor-rod completeness and meaning. People who live in one alley for example can make a Penjor mutually help or descend buy a Penjor to be installed on the roadside.

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