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Badung Share 2 Thousand Houses For Bali 2018

BALINEWS.xyz | In addition to enjoying the allowance for Hotel and Restaurant Tax (PHR) from Pemkan Badung, a number of districts in Bali will also receive a share of home surgery. Six receiving districts, namely Karangasem, Klungkung, Bangli, Buleleng, Tabanan, and Jembrana.

Regent of Badung, I Nyoman Giri Prasta, said there are 2000 housing units that will be distributed throughout Bali in 2018. This program is according to the tagline that is often touted, that is from Badung build Bali.

"In 2018 we will spend two thousand homes for Bali," Giri Prasta said during the inauguration ceremony of Kadin Badung, yesterday.

According to him, home habitable surgical assistance is divided into three categories of assistance. Like a house surgery of Rp 55 million, heavy rehabilitation assistance of Rp 30 million and light rehab of Rp 15 million. The building of this house consists of, two bedrooms, one living room and one toilet / small room.

"Home surgical assistance will be shared proportionally. For example, Buleleng can house 200, Bangli 200, Klungkung 300, Jembrana 300 and so on, "he said.

Through the program, Giri Prasta is optimistic that in the next five years there will be no Balinese living in uninhabitable homes. Moreover, until no home, so it hopes the support of all parties. "If this can be, less than five years, we target Bali is complete," he said.

In addition to the six districts receiving PHR, the home surgery program will also be implemented in Gumi Keris. Kadis Perumahan Rakyat and Kawasan Settlement A.A. Ngurah Bayu Kumara Putra recently explained that there are 3,300 poor households targeted by this aid.

In 2017, the number of target households that have been verified based on the proposals from the village as the Badung Regency is 3,315 RTS. With details; a total rehab of 841 RTS with Rp.55 million funding, 794 RTS of rehabilitation improvement with Rp 30 million and improvement of light rehab quality of 1,190 RTS with funding of Rp 15 million.

For the target households given the assistance of habitable home in 2017 is as many as 625 RTS with the amount of aid funds amounting to Rp 55 million per RTS. The rest will be proposed in APBD 2018 and APBD 2019.

Social assistance fund home surgery is given in the form of money transferred to the account of each beneficiary of the house according to Decree of Determination by Badung Regent. Of the 625 beneficiary beneficiaries, for Petang Sub-district received aid allocation of 111 RTS, Abiansemal 264 RTS, Mengwi 244 RTS, North Kuta 3 RTS and South Kuta 3 RTS from 45 Villages in Badung Regency.

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