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Bali Governor Candidate Wayan Koster started socialization

BALINEWS.xyz | After receiving the recommendation of Megawati Soekarno Putri, the prospective Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, immediately step on the gas to consolidate throughout Bali. On Sunday (3/12).

When in PDIP Office of Karangasem PDIP. Koster admitted optimistic to win Pilgub Bali on June 27, 2018 with a target vote of at least 65 percent. But, touched on how the target achievement of votes in Karangasem, Koster admitted heavily.

The arrival of Koster was greeted by hundreds of cadres and PDI-P sympathizers at the PDIP Office of Karangasem, Ahmad Yani Street, Galiran, Amlapura. Wearing a white custom, Koster was accompanied by a free shriek as he got out of the car to the location where the consolidation meeting took place.

Chairman of DPD PDIP Bali comes with Secretary of State Jaya, Chairman of DPP PDIP Made Urip and Gusti Ngurah Alit Kusuma Kelakan.

In the consolidation, he believes the party ideology that has been built is strong enough, so that the party is getting solid. That is why DPD is scheduling consolidation to all regions. He admitted before and after the recommendation down there is still slander in open space.

However, Koster insists the situation can be handled well. Empirically, he mentioned 41 percent of the previous vote is a valuable capital. And, the target figure of at least 65 percent, just move a little longer to achieve that target.

"How many couples later in the Pilgub, want two or three couples, our target remains 65 percent minimum," he said, sure.

He asked that his ranks now actively move closer to voters. Not only in parties, but outside of PDI-P sympathizers. But, he reminded that every good purpose, achieved in a good way. Must be polite, and ethical, in dignified ways.

Meanwhile, Chairman of DPP PDIP Made Urip, asking all cadres and sympathizers do not arrogant first. Therefore, the process ahead is still long. (R / 09)

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