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Bombana is a show of beauty for the soul adventurer

BALINEWS | Bombana is now not just about Tangkeno, a country on the clouds of Kabaena Island. There is another place that is not less captivating and presents a different sensation. His name is Kondo Island, atoll island along the coastline is white sand nan.

The true exoticism has long painted God in West Poleang, precisely in the Village Ranokomea, Bombana. Coconuts on the edge of the beach, calm waves and blue sea water, is a show of beauty for the soul adventurer. Residents around already long know, just not yet perfected with a touch of civilization.

This beach is quite far if calculated the distance from the capital Bombana, Rumbia. There is a trip approximately 120 kilometers, with travel time approximately two hours. Once arrived at Ranokomea, still continued with a journey of less than 2 kilometers to the location.

But believe me, all fatigue and tired travel will be paid with the elegance of Kondo Island. The waves are a song for the soul, the beach breeze is like a spirited hymn. The white grains of sand is a symbol that Bombana is exotic.

H Tafdil then perfects that beauty. The regent of Bombana is aware that tourism is a necessary necessity that must be taken care of by the government. Saturday (16/12) last afternoon, he with a happy heart, launched the program Sadar Wisata and Socialization Sapta Pesona 2017, which is marked by introducing Kondo Island as your new tourist destination Bombana.

"Kondo Island is actually already known but only today we officially launched as Bombana's flagship tourist destination," said Tafdil. Regent who has entered the second period leads the area asserted that Kondo Island has become a government priority to be developed.

Later, he said, Kondo Island will be integrated in three places in the village Ranokomea. In addition to Condo Island, there is also a very interesting LaponuPonu Lake, the water is never dry throughout the season, and fish fish is very much a characteristic.

"There is also a Garden of Agricultural Technology that has also been built in the village which is expected to be a place of community learning related to agricultural technology issues. All integrated in order to be the attraction of this area, "said Chairman of the Bombana PAN.

Tafdil said, Kondo Island is the second destination after Tangkeno has been inaugurated. He hopes that each Bombana support area will have a special destination destinations, not just Kabaena and Poleang, Rumbia was expected to give birth to an interesting destination.

Husband Andi Nirwana is very serious work on Condo Island. He said, in 2018 will be built a variety of programs that will be designated in Kondo Island is including 3 Kilometer road access from the Garden of Agricultural Technology to Kondo Island through Laponu Ponu Lake. "Later we will make a fishing competition in the lake," he added.

To know the activities of Load Sadar Tour and Socialization Sapta Pesona 2017, made more interesting again because it is combined with the activities of swafoto and fish roasting competitions between SKPD.

In addition, visitors were made more booming again because of the artist's entertainment artist KDI dropout that is very entertaining and make the atmosphere more friendly beach.

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