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Chairman of BK DPD to Call Bali Senator Related to Alleged Intimidation

BALINEWS.xyz | Chairman of BK DPD Mervin Sadipun Komber said, it immediately make a summons to members of the DPD reported, Arya Wedakarna. The call will be made soon although Mervin still can not confirm the date of the examination.

"Definitely we will call as soon as possible," said Mervin when confirmed, today.

According to Mervin, a case of alleged intimidation by Arya has attracted public attention. Moreover, the impact is very sensitive for the life of nation and state.

So, after his side held a coordination meeting of the prosecution of a report made by PKB Party politician Lukman Edy. BK DPD will immediately call Arya and do an examination of the report.

Mervin explained, BK DPD is only a passive institution that can only take action if there has been a violation committed by DPD members. Even if there are no reports though, BK DPD be sure to take action against the Balinese senator who allegedly became one of the actors behind the intimidation experienced Ustadz Somad.

"Although BK is not an active body but I think it is important to accelerate the process of stages (investigation) and the date of implementation (inspection of Arya) I will submit next," explained Mervin.

To note earlier, Ustadz Abdul Somad also get intimidation from a number of mass organizations in Bali. One of them called themselves as the Bali People Component (KRB).

KRB on December 8, 2017 then set a condition to Ustadz Somad to be accepted in Bali. It is the pleasure to pledge in the National House. (Niki Putune Sinten)

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