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Jakarta Journalists Congratulate Nawawi as High Judge in Bali

BALINEWS | The event was separated by the number of journalists in Jakarta, mainly covering the East Jakarta District Court. The reason, fellow journalists feel "lost" a partner, a source, as well as a friend who gave a lot of enlightenment in journalistic duties.

"I represent my fellow journalists who are members of the Indonesian Tinta group (one of the WhatsApp groups) expressed their appreciation for Mr. Nawawi Pamolango," said Hengky, a young journalist from Sketsindonews.

We are like losing a friend, Ekky added, and he is very appreciative of our profession as a journalist.

According to Ekky, it can be seen from, the provided Press Room, which for many years has never existed in the East Jakarta District Court.

"During his leadership, East Jakarta District Court got the best predicate as it has been expressed by the President of the Court of Appeal at the inauguration of the new Chairman," he said.

On several occasions when meeting with us, Mr. Nawawi always asks us to raise the bad news of the court. "And it certainly makes us comfortable in doing the investigation," Ekky said.

On behalf of reporters who served in East Jakarta, Ekky hopes that the new chairman can continue the positive trend.

"I do not forget to congratulate Mr Nawawi on a new position as High Judge in Bali," he said. (Hadi)


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